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Just look at his clients. They've got the results they came for, and that in itself should speak volumes for Sharif



Hi there.  My name is Julie and I have been working with Sharif for almost a year.  My experience in working with him as an online trainer slash coach slash listener slash teacher slash friend, has been fantastic.  I am not one to exaggerate, so I truly mean it when I say this relationship has been enriching, challenging, and quite frankly a lot of fun.

I live in the US and came across Sharif via social media.  As you can see for yourself, there are hundreds of online coaches to choose from.  I have worked with online coaches in the past and I wanted something more than meal plans, spreadsheets and check marks.  There was something special about Sharif - he was a combination of smarts, humor, confidence and charisma, that drew me.  I reached out and he was refreshingly warm and engaging.  And that is how Sharif is as a person and a coach, relatable, funny, kind, enthusiastic and encouraging.  You get it all with Sharif, his smarts and personality, and his supreme talents as a coach.  

My original and primary goal was to lose fat and improve my physique.  While that is still a primary goal, I have a slightly broader perspective now, after having worked with Sharif, which includes the goal of having an admirable physique, a positive mindset and an overall healthy balance of everyday life and fitness.  Despite the long-distance relationship, Sharif and I have gotten to know each other through Skype meetings, audio note and emails.  Sharif knows just what to say and how to say it, so that I can understand and feel inspired to make changes. 


Yes, I have lost weight and lost body fat and more importantly, have felt much better in my skin.  More nuanced though, I have learned about myself and others through this process. I now have a healthier perspective on health fitness, which includes balance, patience and improved self-compassion.  Without Sharif I am not certain I would have achieved anything other than a better body.  And while that's a solid goal and an accomplishment to be proud of, I have realized I want more than that.  My plans include an ongoing relationship with Sharif because why ever stop being a better version of myself?  

Is this worth your time?  YES, absolutely.
Is this worth the money?  YES, absolutely.
Will you be pleased with the outcome?  YES, absolutely.

Should you get started today?  YES, absolutely.


I've finally hit a long-time personal goal of changing my body shape, health and confidence for the better. I want to thank my pal and mentor Sharif for getting me to both a healthier and happier place than where I was at. Mate you've been inspirational, a true professional, with totally sound and realistic advice all the way. Thank you for believing in me.


"Everyone's the England Manager"

An opinion, a big lift, a mate who knows, a six pack under their tee, even an old qualification ...

The trouble with "fitness" is it's owned by all, but understood by a very few.

Couple that with the faddy social media driven desire to self identify as a coach* and it's very easy to grow confused, whilst being very difficult knowing whom to trust and listen to.

*The true definition?, to get to where you want to be, from your current position, using a principle centered approach, and a flexible system underpinned by a genuine specialist knowledge, and a genuine care to serve.

Sharif Lawton isn't just a coach, he's THE athlete too. 

My experiences has taught me most people prefer the role and identity of coach because they haven't the heart or courage to be their own athlete, it being easier to gain significance and be autobiographical by offering high level advice without having had the previous athletic (or any specialist subject) success and experience, schooling, and practice themselves


Sharif Lawton isn't fair weathered, he doesn't pick up this fitness thing for the summer, he IS IT, lives and breathes it.

He's lived it at 5-6% body fat, he's breathed it during yet another self application of the latest strength and conditioning research paper. 

He's felt the caloric deficeits and the surpluses. He's felt those 1RM's and the high volume efforts. He's made his athletic mistakes so you don't have to. Though we recently agreed: "there's no such thing as failure, only feedback" 

Why does this matter? Well as a coach his services are incredibly unique as he empathetically and knowingly stands side by side with you during your journey, that journey discussed earlier between where you currently are and where you wish to be. 

He's done it, is still doing it, and doing it with modern science, not yesteryears play book nor one he borrowed from someone else.

He's measured, he's purposeful, outcome focused, and more importantly, he makes himself available. 

In almost 20 years, I genuinely know of no other body composition specialist that is real world, available to you, and coaches results and desired outcomes. 

Be led by him, just do the work, and be fully present during your physical transformation. 


Sharif's transparency with his coaching and admitting his own past mistakes on his own physique journey is an absolute breath of fresh air in an industry full of smoke and mirrors. Not many coaches will openly admit going off track or even going out for a drink! I've had a few coaches in the past and whilst they weren't bad, Sharif has added more of a personal twist on my coaching. The spreadsheets, check ins and attention to detail outside of just the gym make it feel like a real team effort.


Sharif is a real human being, who understands that there will be lapses in motivation, weak moments and this can certainly happen in a calorie deficit when trying to get learner. Rather than lecturing me on the odd slip up, we would assess why it had happened and make adjustments to stop this happening in the future. Sharif understood the past experience I had had with binge eating and I am confident in saying that he has helped me overcome some of the mental barriers I have had with my relationship with food. 


His input in regards to thinks like making sure you are still able to be social, go out for a drink or a meal with your family, whilst still hitting your fitness goals is second to none. I couldn't recommend his services highly enough and considering the amount of free content he gives out plus his impressive client success list, that should be more than enough evidence that he is more than adequate to be your coach.